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The ONLY Truly Profitable Horse Betting System Out There!


The ONLY Truly Profitable Horse Betting System Out There!

This is how pretty much any post on horse betting actually starts – everyone is telling you how great the system is, how easy it is for you to win every time and so on.

However, when you finally decide to use a specific horse betting system, chances are things will not go as in the post you read.

So, why it seems that almost none of the horse betting systems out there really work? Is it truly impossible to beat the bookies?

Now, let’s imagine for a moment that there is a sure-fire way to profit from pretty much any bet you ever make? Even if you lose! Believe it or not, this is exactly how The Horse Race System – one of the most advanced gambling systems out there, actually works.

There is nothing magical or illegal about The Horse Race System, once you register, you will gain access to detailed resources and the gambling system’s software. Once you configure your stakes and enter the odds, the software automatically calculates the best bet possible. If you happen to loose, the system will use its highly advanced algorithm to help you to stay on profit all the time!

You got this right – you can learn how to make the right bet, every time and profit, no matter the outcome. Sounds too good to be true?

The best way to find out is to see for yourself – just signup for a 7 day 99p trial with the system and see how everything is made possible!

Get your 99p – 7 Day Trial Here –> The Horse Race System

Happy Betting


Bonus Bagging Review

Make thousands RISK FREE


If you’ve stumbled across this post you are probably checking out or thinking about getting involved in Mike Cruickshank’s Bonus Bagging System.

If you have any doubts or are interested in how it works then read on…

Essentially Mike is offering (for a small fee) FREE – Risk FREE Money. So it’s understandable that this would create some scepticism.  The saying “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” comes to mind but in this case maybe not!

So how does it work?

  • You firstly sign up with a bookmaker and deposit you initial payment and this qualifies you for an introductory bonus.
  • You place a bet with this bookies which qualifies you for your free bet.
  • You then Lay the bet with the Betting exchange Betfair.

note – if you don’t understand this, laying a bet means betting on something not to happen, for example in a football match there are 3 possible outcomes, Team A win, Team B win or it’s a draw.  To lay a bet you can bet on Team B not to win.  This means that if either Team A win or it’s a draw the bet comes in.

  • You repeat these steps with the free bets to cash in and profit.

As you can see with these steps you are always cover your bets, you cannot lose! Whatever the result you will win in 1 betting account.  This is the Risk Free bit.

This isn’t a new system, people used to do this before Mike wrote about it but the bookies obviously cottoned on to this and now make it more difficult to withdraw winnings from free bets.  What Bonus Bagging does is give you the exact step by step so you play through the free bets and qualify to actually withdraw the money.

Backing on one betting site and laying on another is not new either, this is called arbitrage betting and can be very profitable in it’s own right but doing this with the addition of the new betting account free bets makes it really lucrative.

You don’t need to know about betting, betting accounts to use Bonus Bagging, that is the beauty of it.  Which bookmakers to choose, what bet to place and the odds are all automatically generated and arrive in your inbox for you to follow!!









If you’re still in doubt head over to Mike’s Site now watch his video and read some of the testimonials.

This definitely gets the big thumbs up!


Make thousands RISK FREE

Why not to upgrade your jailbroken iPhone to IOS7

As we know from the iOS6 update Apple make it harder and harder for the hackers to Jailbreak.

Each update that comes from Apple tends to block and tighten the exploits used by jailbreaks and we expect iOS7 to be no different.

The stock iOS is getting much better with iOS7 giving you some of the tweaks you may have had for a while on jailbroken devices but it isn’t quite there yet.

With no imminent sign of a jailbreak for iOS7, tech lovers with a jailbroken iDevice could well be torn right now and looking at the pros vs cons of moving away from the jailbroken tweaks in favour of the fancy new iOS7 design.

I did the same but decided that my iOS6 plus jailbreak is too good to lose.

Here’s some of the reasons I came to that decision.

The control centre introduced in this release is nice but it’s lack of settings means it would be a step back from Cydia tweaks like Auxo. Control centre doesn’t allow you to even toggle 3G and with Auxo there are many extra toggles including a quick way to turn on torch.




Swiping to close apps isn’t new either and Auxo also gives you this. In a slightly different view (still in the switcher) you see previews of the apps and swiping down closes with the adding benefit of pressing and holding closes all background apps.

Other apps like PDA Net that allow tethering on contracts that don’t allow tethering mean upgrading just isn’t going to happen for me until the Dev team crack the latest iOS7 with a jailbreak.

If you’re still thinking of upgrading why not first take a look in Cydia at some of the iOS7 themes. You could simply make your iPhone look iOS7 without losing all the benefits of your Jailbreak



If after all this you are still going to do it well at least you’ll be able to get Sky Go back on your device. That is one downside to the jailbreak for me that you just can’t get it to work on a jailbroken device.

Hope this helps you in your decision making 🙂

How to Maintain Great eBay Feedback

ebay feedback

eBay Feedback is important if you sell on eBay, not only can it affect the decision a customer makes on purchasing from you but also how eBay view you as a seller.

Top Rated and Power Sellers benefit from being so with reduced fees and higher search rankings on the eBay site so it can be a blow when you receive negative feedback.

Below are my Top Tips to Maintaining Great Feedback: –

  • My 1st top tip is to try and avoid the negative feedback in the first place.  Always be clear in your listings so there can be no confusion when your customer receives their item.  If you are open and honest there should be no reason not to include an email or phone number in your listings for customers to ask further questions should they require.
  • Number 2 tip is to enclose a flyer or slip of some description with your shipment to your customer.  State in the flyer that customer service and your reputation as a seller is important to you and you would like the opportunity to rectify any problems should they arise prior to receiving negative feedback.  Ask your customer to message you to try and resolve first.  This works really well and if anyone does message us disappointed in the goods we sell we usually offer a partial refund and allow the customer to keep the goods or offer a full refund on receipt of the return of the goods.  This satisfys customer in 99% of the time.
  • Tip 3 is if you do get one of those customers that does still decide to leave you negative feedback straight away without messaging or trying anything to resolve an issue then (when you have finished swearing at your computer and calling this imbecile every name under the sun 🙂 ) check out the link below.  eBay have recently introduced a way you can request a buyer to retract their negative feedback.  In the unlikely event you get to this stage (if you follow the above tips) then my suggestion would be to message the user advising them you have just seen their negative feedback, apologise that they are not completly satisfied and offer full refund on return or partial refund and let them keep the goods in return for them removing their negative feedback.  Most reasonable people will go for this and a bit of money back to them is well worth keeping your reputation in tact.  eBay do have limits to the number of times you can do this, 5 feedback revision requests for every 1000 feedback comments so try and do everything else above to ensure it doesn’t get to them actually leaving the bad feedback.  There is a link on eBays help pages below to the feedback revision page.

My final tip is don’t take it personally, there are a lot of idiots in the world and a few too many for all our likings seem to find their way on to eBay at times.  You’re not the only ones it happens to and it has to unfortunately be part and parcel of the journey to success.

Keep at it, it will be worth it! 🙂


Sky Go Working on Jailbroken iPhone

**UPDATE AS OF 16/03/2013 – Sky seem to have changed something that has stopped this working. Check back soon. I will update as soon as I have found a new method**

Love your jailbroken iPhones? Gutted Sky mess us about by restricting use of sky go on jailbroken devices? SNAP!

Thanks to Ben @ben_gerard we can get it working!

There is an earlier version that has been hacked to bypass the jailbreak detection. Here is how to get it on.

** Please uninstall App sync first if you have it installed **

In Cydia tap Manage then Sources

Now tap Edit and then Add

Add the source

Now tap that source and scroll down and you’ll see Old Sky Go (Patched). Install it and you’re away 🙂


If you do experience any issues or errors, remove Sky Go and reapply the patch.

Please share this post. Don’t forget to follow Ben @ben_gerard

My Top 10 Cydia Tweaks

If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone yet click HERE to see how.

When you have here are my top 10 favourite tweaks to improve your stock iPhone.

1. SBSettings
SB standing for SpringBoard settings. Great little tweak that brings options to your fingertips by just swiping left or right on the status bar.


Some of the standard toggles allow you to switch Aeroplane mode on/off, Bluetooth & Wi-fi on/off etc but many more 3rd party toggles are available to download from Cydia.

2. Springtomize2
A great tweak with loads of settings to change the look and feel of your iPhone.


I have an iPhone 4S but you can see from the screen shot above I’ve created 5 rows of icons, shrunk them down to fit, modified the carrier text and enabled a 5 icon doc.

Loads of cool settings with this one


3. FolderEnhancer
It can be frustrating to have a limit to the number of apps you put in a folder. So folder enhancer removes the limits! You can even have pages within your folders.


4. Auxo
This tweak shows you what the open app would look like in the switcher and you simply swipe down on the app in the switcher to close. You can also press and hold any app in the switcher to close all.

Lastly if you swipe left in the switcher there are a series of toggles similar to those in SBSettings



5. Zephyr
A great little tweak to bring some of the iPad style gestures to your iPhone.

Again it’s fully configurable in the settings


Swipe up from the bottom to reveal the switcher – no more double tapping the home button.

Recreate the iPads 3 finger swipe left and right to switch between open apps but configure it how you want. Even to 1 finger swiping. Recently updated to allow you to also configure which part of the screen the swipe works in. Useful as it can get annoying when you are trying to toggle something in settings and its switching apps! My recommendation is set it to bottom 1/4 of screen 🙂

6. Barrel
No screen shot for this one as its hard to capture but this tweak changes the animation as you swipe between the pages of apps on your iPhone.

Give it whirl you like the animations!

7. AutoProtect
Auto protect removes the need for a pass code when you are at home. Just type in the name of your Wi-fi id in the settings and whenever you are connected to that network the pass code will be disabled. Save up to 5 different Wi-fi id’s in the settings to have the pass code on your iPhone disabled while at home or around at friends.

8. Activator
Activator is automatically installed with some other tweaks like SBSettings but if you don’t have them it’s well worth installing separately.

You can go crazy with short cuts! Fully configurable to allow you to launch anything with different gestures.

A few examples I have set are:-

Pinch the screen to launch the eBay app

Swipe in from the top right of the screen to launch the calculator

Spread fingers (opposite gesture to pinch) to launch Facebook app.

You can set double tapping status bar to something else

Press and hold volume up to do something else

It’s great you’ll love it!

9. OpenNotifier

Get icons to display on the status bar for notifications for any app you choose to configure.

An envelope to show when you have new mail

A “f” to show you have a Facebook message or alert

Your options are endless.

10. BatteryPeek
If your like me you’ll like the battery % showing in the statusbar as well as the icon but if you have OpenNotifier installed then the status bar can get quite crowed with your other notifications.

BatteryPeek is a little tweak that flashes up your battery %. You can set any gesture in activator to show it but I have it set to “Tap status bar right” makes sense 🙂

Hope you enjoy some of my favourite Cydia tweaks and feel free to share yours in the comments below

How to Jailbreak iPhone on IOS 6





The long awaited Jailbreak for IOS 6 is finally here!

For those waiting patiently for it below are the instructions to carry out the jailbreak: –

Firstly backup your iPhone, you hopefully won’t have any issues but we don’t want anything to be lost.

Update your phone to the latest version of Apple software through iTunes – Currently at the time of writing 6.1.2.

If your phone has been previously jailbroken iTunes may report an error.  This happened to me but it’s fine and iTunes simply prompts to do a restore and update.

** It is advisable to disable the passcode lock before jailbreaking, the developers have mentioned some people that didn’t do this experienced problems **

Once updated it’s time to jailbreak, I would advise jailbreaking before restoring your backup.

Head over to to download the jailbreak tool for your OS, both Mac and Windows versions are now available

I use a Mac and the tool looks like below (I have already jailbroken my iPhone 4S hence the message below.)

Jailbreak IOS 6

Click Jailbreak and relax while the software does it’s magic.

Towards the end of the jailbreak it will ask you to tap the Jailbreak icon that has been newly added to your iPhone.  ONLY PRESS THIS ONCE! – it won’t do much other than flash quickly but this allows the jailbreak to complete.

All Done, now you can restore your backup and then start putting your favourite tweaks back on your phone through Cydia.

Caution eBay Sellers. Watch out for this SCAM

Watch out for this eBay Scam if you sell on eBay!

The winning bidder will ask you if they can collect the goods from you. If you agree they collect in person and then as soon as they get home they open a case against you saying they haven’t received the goods. They will win the case as you have no proof to counter the challenge and will get their money back leaving you with no money or product.

Due to our eBay stock being located at various locations in the UK we have a no pick up statement on our listings.

We have had people ask to pick up the stock, we say no. They offer to pay the full postage quoted too. We say no then they want to cancel the transaction. These are the scammers!

If you are not a scammer then we want you to shop with us 🙂

Why not have a browse at what we are selling now? Shizzap-UK

How to Control a Denon Amp with Your Sky+ Remote

You probably know how to program your Sky+ Remote to control your TV (see my previous post if you don’t HERE) but sometimes (if you’re like me) the sound doesn’t go through your TV!

I’ve got a Denon DVD Surround System and so below is how you can program your Sky+ Remote to control the volume on your Denon Amp.


  1. Your Denon should be turned on
  2. Press TV on your Sky+ Remote
  3. Hold down Select and 0 buttons together on your remote until the light in the middle at the top flashes twice
  4. Enter the code 1388
  5. Press the Left Arrow on the remote (this will put the amp in standby on some models but doesn’t on mine, pictured above)
  6. Hold down Select and 1 buttons together on your remote until the light in the middle at the top flashes twice
  7. Complete!  This works for mine but I’ve also seen that other Denon models might use code 1132.

Hope that helps, it will help me next time the batteries run out in my Sky+ Remote and I’ve forgotten 🙂


How to Create a HTML Signature with Mac Mail on Mountain Lion 10.8.2

html signature mac mailAs convert from Windows to Mac I wanted to fully embrace the Mac and so decided to persivere with Mac mail rather than do what my head was telling me and install Thunderbird 🙂

One of the things I couldn’t work out was how to create a HTML signature.  It isn’t straight forward but easy enough when you know how.


Here’s how!

  1. Create a new signature in Mac Mail (just a simple one with your name, it doesn’t matter, we are going to change it later)
  2. Close Mac Mail
  3. Open Finder
  4. In the finder menu at the top Click GO
  5. Hold down the ALT key – you should see Library appear.
  6. Navigate to Library / Mail / V2 / MailData / Signatures
  7. You should see a file called something like “38713DA0-8E28-4D87-9A03-AAF78CC7D2B6.mailsignature”
  8. Open this with your favourite HTML Editor
  9. Put your HTML below this text “Mime-Version: 1.0 (Mac OS X Mail 6.2 \(1499\))” Overwriting whatever you put in the simple signature you created in Mac Mail earlier
  10. Save the file.
  11. Lock the file (this stops mac mail reverting it back) – to do this right click on the file and select Get Info  then click “Locked” check box.
  12. Done! Launch Mac Mail and test it.

Example of file in editor – my signature starts with my name Steve Males: –

mac mail html signature

And the end result – you can get as fancy as you like with your HTML….

mac mail html signature