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How to Maintain Great eBay Feedback

ebay feedback

eBay Feedback is important if you sell on eBay, not only can it affect the decision a customer makes on purchasing from you but also how eBay view you as a seller.

Top Rated and Power Sellers benefit from being so with reduced fees and higher search rankings on the eBay site so it can be a blow when you receive negative feedback.

Below are my Top Tips to Maintaining Great Feedback: –

  • My 1st top tip is to try and avoid the negative feedback in the first place.  Always be clear in your listings so there can be no confusion when your customer receives their item.  If you are open and honest there should be no reason not to include an email or phone number in your listings for customers to ask further questions should they require.
  • Number 2 tip is to enclose a flyer or slip of some description with your shipment to your customer.  State in the flyer that customer service and your reputation as a seller is important to you and you would like the opportunity to rectify any problems should they arise prior to receiving negative feedback.  Ask your customer to message you to try and resolve first.  This works really well and if anyone does message us disappointed in the goods we sell we usually offer a partial refund and allow the customer to keep the goods or offer a full refund on receipt of the return of the goods.  This satisfys customer in 99% of the time.
  • Tip 3 is if you do get one of those customers that does still decide to leave you negative feedback straight away without messaging or trying anything to resolve an issue then (when you have finished swearing at your computer and calling this imbecile every name under the sun 🙂 ) check out the link below.  eBay have recently introduced a way you can request a buyer to retract their negative feedback.  In the unlikely event you get to this stage (if you follow the above tips) then my suggestion would be to message the user advising them you have just seen their negative feedback, apologise that they are not completly satisfied and offer full refund on return or partial refund and let them keep the goods in return for them removing their negative feedback.  Most reasonable people will go for this and a bit of money back to them is well worth keeping your reputation in tact.  eBay do have limits to the number of times you can do this, 5 feedback revision requests for every 1000 feedback comments so try and do everything else above to ensure it doesn’t get to them actually leaving the bad feedback.  There is a link on eBays help pages below to the feedback revision page.

My final tip is don’t take it personally, there are a lot of idiots in the world and a few too many for all our likings seem to find their way on to eBay at times.  You’re not the only ones it happens to and it has to unfortunately be part and parcel of the journey to success.

Keep at it, it will be worth it! 🙂


Caution eBay Sellers. Watch out for this SCAM

Watch out for this eBay Scam if you sell on eBay!

The winning bidder will ask you if they can collect the goods from you. If you agree they collect in person and then as soon as they get home they open a case against you saying they haven’t received the goods. They will win the case as you have no proof to counter the challenge and will get their money back leaving you with no money or product.

Due to our eBay stock being located at various locations in the UK we have a no pick up statement on our listings.

We have had people ask to pick up the stock, we say no. They offer to pay the full postage quoted too. We say no then they want to cancel the transaction. These are the scammers!

If you are not a scammer then we want you to shop with us 🙂

Why not have a browse at what we are selling now? Shizzap-UK

eBay Is it Possible to Profit?

Buying and selling is one of the oldest ways to make money, you buy and you sell on for more than you bought it for SIMPLES!

Or is it?

It’s not as hard as you might think.

You may think that if it’s not that hard why isn’t every one doing it?

The simple answer to that is they can’t be bothered! Yes believe it or not half the battle is getting off the couch and taking action! Not being bothered to is the biggest thing that causes people not to succeed.

At the time of writing this I’ve been running a little eBay business for about 7 Months, I’m a newbie to this and at times yes it can feel a strain to be working on your listings or posting all the parcels but I’ve never been short of the desire to achieve and my motivation has kept me at it.

I’ve got less than 500 transactions under my belt on eBay but I’m a Power Seller and I’m turning over about £5,000 a month from this eBay account.

Take a look – eBay Shizzap UK

For those that know me or have followed me and what I do for a while now you’ll be well aware this isn’t my first attempt a making money, what set’s me apart from the rest is that I haven’t and won’t ever give up until I succeed in what I want to achieve.  Things have worked for me in the past and then stopped working, I’ve adapted and tried new things and will continue until I have my house with a swimming pool and some tasty cars on the drive 🙂

I put this guide together about 6 months ago just as I was getting in to eBay so I wanted to share it with you, I’m only a bit further down the eBay path so I hope you find it useful and very relevant for where you are up to in your eBay Business.

eBay Boot Camp

Enjoy, more tips to follow.