Sky Go Working on Jailbroken iPhone

**UPDATE AS OF 16/03/2013 – Sky seem to have changed something that has stopped this working. Check back soon. I will update as soon as I have found a new method**

Love your jailbroken iPhones? Gutted Sky mess us about by restricting use of sky go on jailbroken devices? SNAP!

Thanks to Ben @ben_gerard we can get it working!

There is an earlier version that has been hacked to bypass the jailbreak detection. Here is how to get it on.

** Please uninstall App sync first if you have it installed **

In Cydia tap Manage then Sources

Now tap Edit and then Add

Add the source

Now tap that source and scroll down and you’ll see Old Sky Go (Patched). Install it and you’re away 🙂


If you do experience any issues or errors, remove Sky Go and reapply the patch.

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