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My Top 10 Cydia Tweaks

If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone yet click HERE to see how.

When you have here are my top 10 favourite tweaks to improve your stock iPhone.

1. SBSettings
SB standing for SpringBoard settings. Great little tweak that brings options to your fingertips by just swiping left or right on the status bar.


Some of the standard toggles allow you to switch Aeroplane mode on/off, Bluetooth & Wi-fi on/off etc but many more 3rd party toggles are available to download from Cydia.

2. Springtomize2
A great tweak with loads of settings to change the look and feel of your iPhone.


I have an iPhone 4S but you can see from the screen shot above I’ve created 5 rows of icons, shrunk them down to fit, modified the carrier text and enabled a 5 icon doc.

Loads of cool settings with this one


3. FolderEnhancer
It can be frustrating to have a limit to the number of apps you put in a folder. So folder enhancer removes the limits! You can even have pages within your folders.


4. Auxo
This tweak shows you what the open app would look like in the switcher and you simply swipe down on the app in the switcher to close. You can also press and hold any app in the switcher to close all.

Lastly if you swipe left in the switcher there are a series of toggles similar to those in SBSettings



5. Zephyr
A great little tweak to bring some of the iPad style gestures to your iPhone.

Again it’s fully configurable in the settings


Swipe up from the bottom to reveal the switcher – no more double tapping the home button.

Recreate the iPads 3 finger swipe left and right to switch between open apps but configure it how you want. Even to 1 finger swiping. Recently updated to allow you to also configure which part of the screen the swipe works in. Useful as it can get annoying when you are trying to toggle something in settings and its switching apps! My recommendation is set it to bottom 1/4 of screen 🙂

6. Barrel
No screen shot for this one as its hard to capture but this tweak changes the animation as you swipe between the pages of apps on your iPhone.

Give it whirl you like the animations!

7. AutoProtect
Auto protect removes the need for a pass code when you are at home. Just type in the name of your Wi-fi id in the settings and whenever you are connected to that network the pass code will be disabled. Save up to 5 different Wi-fi id’s in the settings to have the pass code on your iPhone disabled while at home or around at friends.

8. Activator
Activator is automatically installed with some other tweaks like SBSettings but if you don’t have them it’s well worth installing separately.

You can go crazy with short cuts! Fully configurable to allow you to launch anything with different gestures.

A few examples I have set are:-

Pinch the screen to launch the eBay app

Swipe in from the top right of the screen to launch the calculator

Spread fingers (opposite gesture to pinch) to launch Facebook app.

You can set double tapping status bar to something else

Press and hold volume up to do something else

It’s great you’ll love it!

9. OpenNotifier

Get icons to display on the status bar for notifications for any app you choose to configure.

An envelope to show when you have new mail

A “f” to show you have a Facebook message or alert

Your options are endless.

10. BatteryPeek
If your like me you’ll like the battery % showing in the statusbar as well as the icon but if you have OpenNotifier installed then the status bar can get quite crowed with your other notifications.

BatteryPeek is a little tweak that flashes up your battery %. You can set any gesture in activator to show it but I have it set to “Tap status bar right” makes sense 🙂

Hope you enjoy some of my favourite Cydia tweaks and feel free to share yours in the comments below