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Caution eBay Sellers. Watch out for this SCAM

Watch out for this eBay Scam if you sell on eBay!

The winning bidder will ask you if they can collect the goods from you. If you agree they collect in person and then as soon as they get home they open a case against you saying they haven’t received the goods. They will win the case as you have no proof to counter the challenge and will get their money back leaving you with no money or product.

Due to our eBay stock being located at various locations in the UK we have a no pick up statement on our listings.

We have had people ask to pick up the stock, we say no. They offer to pay the full postage quoted too. We say no then they want to cancel the transaction. These are the scammers!

If you are not a scammer then we want you to shop with us 🙂

Why not have a browse at what we are selling now? Shizzap-UK