Why not to upgrade your jailbroken iPhone to IOS7

As we know from the iOS6 update Apple make it harder and harder for the hackers to Jailbreak.

Each update that comes from Apple tends to block and tighten the exploits used by jailbreaks and we expect iOS7 to be no different.

The stock iOS is getting much better with iOS7 giving you some of the tweaks you may have had for a while on jailbroken devices but it isn’t quite there yet.

With no imminent sign of a jailbreak for iOS7, tech lovers with a jailbroken iDevice could well be torn right now and looking at the pros vs cons of moving away from the jailbroken tweaks in favour of the fancy new iOS7 design.

I did the same but decided that my iOS6 plus jailbreak is too good to lose.

Here’s some of the reasons I came to that decision.

The control centre introduced in this release is nice but it’s lack of settings means it would be a step back from Cydia tweaks like Auxo. Control centre doesn’t allow you to even toggle 3G and with Auxo there are many extra toggles including a quick way to turn on torch.




Swiping to close apps isn’t new either and Auxo also gives you this. In a slightly different view (still in the switcher) you see previews of the apps and swiping down closes with the adding benefit of pressing and holding closes all background apps.

Other apps like PDA Net that allow tethering on contracts that don’t allow tethering mean upgrading just isn’t going to happen for me until the Dev team crack the latest iOS7 with a jailbreak.

If you’re still thinking of upgrading why not first take a look in Cydia at some of the iOS7 themes. You could simply make your iPhone look iOS7 without losing all the benefits of your Jailbreak



If after all this you are still going to do it well at least you’ll be able to get Sky Go back on your device. That is one downside to the jailbreak for me that you just can’t get it to work on a jailbroken device.

Hope this helps you in your decision making 🙂

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